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Guardian Security Lock

Guardian Lock

The Guardian Security Lock is a portable lock that travels with you or your children.  It is also great for your kids as they head off to college to keep them safe in their dorm room.  Guardian lock has an easy mechanism and young children don’t have the hand strength to squeeze the mechanism.  It’s great for parents who have children with autism to keep them from wandering off while you are doing work around the house.

If you have a pool in your backyard this lock will help keep your child from getting out of the house and avoid any fatal accidents.  Drowning is the number one cause of death for children under the age of five in Florida, California, and Arizona.  It is the number 2 cause in over a dozen states, in order to keep your child safe from this sort of tragedy this lock will make sure you keep peace of mind knowing your child is safe.  To read a story of one such case CLICK HERE

  • Protects your child from leaving the house unattended
  • Keeps you safe from intruders
  • Protects you and your loved ones
Made in the USA
Assurance Locking Systems
Buy yours today! Only $18.95
Plus an additional $4.50 S&H

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