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Made In USA

Made In USA

At Assurance Locking Systems we manufacture quality products that you can trust and are made in USA.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Assurance Locking Systems develops simple and reliable access control products that provide safety and security.

Trust for 25 Years

Trust for 25 Years

For over 30 years Assurance Locking Systems has developed personal security solutions that help families and businesses.

About Us

Assurance locking systems, founded in 1985, has it’s headquarters located in Beech Grove, Indiana. We work with you to solve your security and inventory control problems; we don’t consider customizing our products to fit your needs as an inconvenience. It’s just our way of doing business! Talk with us today!

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  • I wanted to say thank you to the person who invented the ROOMMATES PRIVACY LOCK. As a mother of five and ten grandchildren, I often find it difficult to sleep worrying about their safety at night, I purchased one ROOMMATES PRIVACY LOCK for my daughter and had my husband test the lock on her house. I had him attempt to break-in and he was not successful. I have recently purchased locks for family & friends and I can sleep better now.

    Rosallie Sarnelli, Las Vegas, NV

  • I use my ROOMMATES PRIVACY LOCK on the side door entrance at night. When babysitting I use my ROOMMATES PRIVACY LOCK to lock the basement door, to keep the kids from going into the basement, possibly falling down and getting hurt. I also use ROOMMATES PRIVACY LOCK to child-proof my house to prevent accidents.

    Kim Sherwood, Beech Grove, IN

  • This is the second lock I have purchased from Assurance Locking Systems, since they are excellent products. For the caretakers of those with dementia, you should purchase this product which will make your life much easier. The locks only work on doors that have inset traditional locks and on doors that swing in toward you, but they really work well.

    E. Steve Watson , Chicago Il

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