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Keeping Grandchildren Safe

Grandparents, if there is one pleasure left in life it is your grandchildren.  One thing that comes to mind when you have little ones who are young and can get into anything in a matter of seconds, is how do you prep your surroundings to keep them safe.  We have compiled a list of various hazards and ways to prevent these from happening.  No matter what this is merely a suggestion to help you out, as we know safety is always on the mind of every grandparent out there who cherish time spent with their grandchildren.


Guardian Lock

Assurance locking system has the guardian lock for grandparents, this lock will help prevent a child from opening the front door for strangers or wandering off without you knowing.  If you are in the kitchen making breakfast, lunch, or dinner we would like to think that they are being little angels in the other room, I mean come on that is what they are doing.  Like angels, grandchildren like to show how helpful they can be by answering the door.  This is something we would like to help prevent as you never know who might be behind that door.  This lock fits snug against the door and is extremely difficult for a small child to get the lock off.  This makes it to where they come and get you to answer the door.

Another issue the Guardian Lock helps with is keeping your grandchild safe in the house with you.  Kids can get brave and decide they don’t need you to be outside, over the years there have been many children that have died due to getting out of the house and falling in the neighbors pool in fact Consumer Product Safety Commission called for children to learn how to swim at a young age back in 2014.  For many years the number one cause of a death or injury in children ages 0-14 was drowning.  So Assurance Locking Systems has used this lock for many years to help lower this number and prevent children from getting out of the house and getting hurt.


Cabinet Locks

As well as keeping them safe inside with you is also keeping them safe from the things inside the house that can cause them harm.  We have chemicals that we use for cleaning around the house, the most common place to store these chemicals is under the sink in the bathroom or kitchen.  This makes it easy access for any child to get them, and some if ingested can be deadly.  You can pick up these easy to use locks anywhere and they are the best thing to use for protecting your grandchildren.


Keeping Medicine out of reach

As we get older we tend to need to be on medication, some can be extremely harmful to any child who may get their hands on them.  Sometimes as we get older we don’t want to have to deal with trying to get into our meds so we get the non child resistant caps.  The best thing to do is to always keep these medications out of the reach of children so that way no harm comes to them.  The best advice to to put them up high or in a cabinet that has locks on them.  This makes it much harder for them to gain access to them.


Child Safety Gates

As children grow they learn to crawl and walk, we want to make sure we protect them from areas they shouldn’t be in.  Child safety gates prevent just this, it keeps them out of places we don’t want them to be in, and keeps them from taking a serious fall down the stairs.  Most times we use gates to keep them in a  room where they will be safe.


               Furniture padding

Some of our furniture such as coffee tables and end tables can have sharp edges and corners.  This padding helps prevent your grandchild from falling and hitting their head of the hard sharp edge of the table and keeps them from becoming seriously injured.  Children can end up needing to get stitches and that is something no grandparent would want to go through.

We set out to keep our children safe and then their children as well.  Childproof doesn’t always mean safe.  We do our best to prevent terrible things from happening and it has shown in statistics and studies where child safety has been going up and we see less and less of these horrible things happening.  With advancements in child safety equipment we have been able to get ahead of this trend and see to it that our grandchildren are safe.  Everyone likes to think that they are the safe with their grandchildren, but accidents happen and all we want to do is prevent them.  Follow this list and keep them safe, as they are so very precious and we love every minute we have with them.

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