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Autism Safety Awareness

Children with Autism tend to wander and safety is a concern

Every good parent is concerned about the health, cheerfulness, and general well being of their children. However, parents of children with the Autism condition make more efforts to ensure the safety of their children. This is because children, particularly with autism tend to act impulsively compared to other developing peers.

Safety precautions families of children with Autism should consider
Children tend to wander uncontrollably putting them in more risk of getting hurt or becoming lost. Families of kids with autistic disorder need to consider some safety precautions to prevent dangerous situations at home, in the community, or at school. Consider the following safety precautions:

  • Be prepared for an autism emergency- Get a list of contacts your local first responders such as law enforcers, ambulance and fire agencies. This is important in case the child
    wanders or you become injured or incapacitated while caring an autistic child.
  • Install a secure autism childproof lock that uses keys on either side
  • Install cheap battery-operated alarms on windows and doors to alert you when opened
  • Install a residence security alarm system
  • Fence you homestead
  • Teach your child to swim through available swimming lessons for kids with special needs. This is important since autistic children are usually fascinated about water sources like ponds, pools etc. This will curb drowning
  • Consider a special tracking device that can be placed on the child’s backpack or pocket to monitor the child’s location
  • Make a detailed handout about the child and distribute handouts to trusted neighbors, family members, co-workers and friends. It should have your name, phone number, and address just in case the child is found.

Importance of prioritizing safety for children, particularly with autism
Children with autism who show behaviors of running or wandering are at risk several dangers. They are attracted to pools, ponds, lakes and water sources and thus may end up drowning. Autistic children have no real fear of dangers such as in coming cars and may cross a road without care. This condition makes children apparent insensitive to pain e.g. hot water, heaters; they may end up getting serious burns. They prefer to be alone; therefore they may do dangerous things when no one is around. They may have improper response/or no response to sound such as hooting cars, trains, or barking dogs rendering them prone to danger. Children with autism have inappropriate attachments to objects; they may end up playing with sharp objects

Use autism childproof lock to stop them at the door
It is important to plan for and prevent dangerous situations. One major change you can make to secure a wandering child is installing an autism childproof lock on your doors. This is necessary to prevent the child from getting away unnoticed. These children may decide to get away anywhere at any time; either day or night. For maximum safety of child, check out our lock product that keeps children from opening doors and wandering off here:  Autism Childproof Safety Lock

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