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Arthritis Key Assist


Arthritis can make even the most simple task seem impossible

Health Concerns
Rheumatoid arthritis is a life-changing autoimmune disease that is common to individuals between the ages of 30 and 40. Its greatest symptom is the chronic inflammation of the joints and other areas of the body. Other symptoms include pain that can be felt in the limbs, fever, tender, stiff or swollen joints, excess tiredness, loss of joint function. It is a chronic disease that is characterized by periods of disease flare and remissions. Chronic inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis can cause permanent damage to the joint and deformity.

Assurance Locking Systems
Such health complications can make an individual’s life difficult. Such motor functions like holding an object let alone carrying something heavy become a constraint that unnecessarily complicates the challenges that come with the disease. This is where Assurance Locking Systems comes in. We are a lock manufacturing company that provides products that are customized to meet stipulated scenarios for our customers forth the past thirty years. Not only will our products guarantee safety and security, but they are also simple to use and extremely reliable. Our ambition is to solve all of your security and inventory control problems.

Assist Key Lever
For individuals suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, we have created an arthritis key assist. It is a unique tool that enables individuals who have trouble holding their keys to use them. It unique design makes it practicable in all scenarios that the use of keys will be involved in. May
itbeswitching on the car or unlocking a relative door in the house, the arthritis keys assist level has not limitations.

How It Works
In order to use it in a vehicle, simply insert the key of interest into the keyhole or ignition. Position the side with the words ‘auto key’ on the car key. Use your forefinger and thumb to hold the arthritis key assist, press down and forward with little effort and it will turn the key. In order to use it in house or office doors, position the assist key level on the house key, after inserting it into the keyhole, with the side written house holding the key in its position. Push down with little effort to twist the key and opened the door.

Buy it Today
The makers at Assurance Locking Systems ensued to come up with a design that is practical and easy to carry, by including a chain that can be used to attach the Assist Key Lever to your key chain. Thus making sure that is available whenever you feel like using your keys. The product will leave the shelf at a pocket-friendly cost of $10, and it will go a long way in simplifying some of the challenges that come with the disease.

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