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We at Assurance Locking Systems, work with you the customer to solve your security and inventory control problems; we don’t consider customizing our products to fit your needs as an inconvenience. It’s just our way of doing business!

Assurance locking systems, founded in 1985, has it’s headquarters located in Beech Grove, Indiana. We are not a generic security company. Instead, you will find that we adapt our products to meet your individualized needs.

Consider access control — it’s just a small entity within today’s security options.

At Assurance Locking Systems, our priority goal is to offer you Total Control.  For instance, Total Control is more than just keeping unauthorized people  from gaining access to entrance doors which may guard your company’s most sensitive areas. Rest assured — Assurance Locking Systems offers you more than simply access control — we make available to you Total Control.

Total Control includes in-house key control, as well as fingerprinting for high Security areas. Furthermore, Total Control includes quantification and record keeping of anything requiring inventory; for example, consider our laserlite product. people only do what you inspect — not what you expect.

  • Our Mission is to invent products to help make people’s life easier; such as those who suffer from Arthritis and help provide extra protection for those who have Alzheimers or Autism at an inexpensive price.
  • Our mission is helping people FEEL SAFER at all times,at an inexpensive cost to the customer. We at Assurance Locking Systems, LLC. want people to feel safe in any environment at an affordable cost.